Rubber Tape

Rubber Tape

Strip-N-Stick tape provides all the benefits of silicone rubber in an easy-to-apply, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
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The Strip-N-Stick range of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes has all the benefits of silicone rubber. Available in solid silicone, low-density foam or closed-cell sponge, with either silicone or acrylic adhesives, these products are easy to apply and adhere strongly to a variety of materials. They also have excellent conformability and flexibility, set at low compressions, and last well compared to other products on the market. Because they can be used at temperatures ranging from -73ẬoC to +260ẬoC, Strip-N-Stick tapes are ideal for high and low temperature gasket applications, including electrical isolation, thermal insulation, cushioning and vibration dampening.


  • Ease of application
  • Gives high adhesion to aluminum, stainless steel, plastics and composites
  • Sets at low compression
  • Flexibility and compressibility
  • Will conform to irregular shapes
  • Eliminates the need for die cutting
  • May be used to instantly seal gaskets
  • The range includes solid silicone, closed-cell sponge and low-density foam tapes.