Teflon Tape

Teflon Tape

CHR CHEMSTICK pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are PTFE-fabrics and laminates products coated with adhesive on one side, providing superior non-stick surfaces and easy but removable positioning on a range of equipment.

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The general purpose CHR® and CHEMSTICK® pressure-sensitive tapes consist of polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) fabrics or PTFE fabric laminates coated with adhesive on one side. Easily positioned and easily removed, they are a convenient way of providing a non-stick surface on a range of equipment. These tapes are designed to withstand high temperatures and frequent compressions, therefore will have a long service life in many industrial settings. They are also excellent insulators which retain excellent mechanical and electrical properties even in high temperature environments.


  • Heat sealing – in the packaging industry these tapes are used to cover the sealing jaws in packaging machines
  • Food processing – used to line chutes and guide rails
  • Components – used for electrical insulation on high temperature transformers, coils and motors, as well as lay-up and insulation for components
  • Textile industry – used to cover dryer cylinders
  • Polymer processing – used to line solvent recovery units and create a protective barrier on paper/film extrusion coating lines
  • PVC welding – used to cover metallic and RF welding platens
  • Industrial splicing and seaming (especially of other fluoropolymer materials).